Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life is Beautiful!

Hey, it's me, Nova! I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I wanted everyone to know that things have calmed down around here and I have settled into a nice routine as a blind dog. It's been nice to not have to go to the vet all the time to get my eyes poked. Mom says I've been doing great adjusting to blindness. Everyone is amazed at how well I am doing. Me, well, I am just happy to be at home with my family and to be able to enjoy life.

I can still do all sorts of amazing things, even though I am blind. The other day Mom was sick, so I found my way into her bedroom, and jumped on the bed (it is higher up than the other beds) to snuggle with her. It took me a few minutes, but I sniffed my way to her when she was sleeping. The fact that I found her in there (I never go in her bedroom) and jumped up to take care of her made her so happy that she went to get the camera to take a picture of me! She said I really made her feel better. Always glad to help!

The pace of life is a little slower for me, and I do a little more bumming around that usual (doesn't bother ME!), but Mom does make the effort a couple of times a day to get me outside doing something, whether we just go out to sniff the flowers and walk around the yard, or go for a quick car ride to do some errands. But in general, I love to be a couch potato, as you can see!

Ahhh..... I love to nap on my back in what my brothers call the "Dead Dog" pose:
My pack has done some traveling lately, and things will not slow down with that until late June. Last weekend, Mom took Emmy and I to the kennel. Originally, a pet sitter neighbor had agreed to come take care of us in the house, but then changed her mind once she found out I was now blind. I could tell it made Mom sad when she found out, I think she took it a little too personally. I know that Mom knows better than anyone how amazing I am at being blind and a Tripawd, so she was really bummed and felt it wasn't fair for me to be discriminated against. Come on, Mom, just get over it, and get on with it! She got on the phone and called Cliff Mann at the kennel and held her breath once she told him I was now blind, expecting that he would not want to take care of me either. Cliff said he didn't mind, he loved having me and Emmy there at the kennel, and was very excited to have us come back (we haven't been there since before I became a Tripawd.)

Mom and Dad went up north last weekend to ride their bikes 50 miles with a bunch of crazy middle aged hungover people in the cold, wind, and rain. Can you believe these people this that is FUN? No thanks! Emmy and I had it MUCH better, we shared a cozy run at Cliff's kennel, stayed warm, even had our beds so it felt like home. Cliff didn't mind giving me my eyedrops, and even held my food dish in his hands every time I ate (sorry, I am used to an elevated food dish, which Mom forgot to bring).
We will have to go back again this weekend, because my pack is going up north AGAIN. This time, Mom and Dad are doing something even sillier, they are running 26.2 miles, all in one morning. What kind of relaxation is THAT? It sounds like the kids in my pack will be having much more fun, going down waterslides at a cool place called the Great Wolf Lodge.

In June, it will be back to the kennel again for 9 days while the rest of my pack goes on a road trip to North Carolina (the same place I went in the Spring) to do a bunch of hiking and biking, and then on to Myrtle Beach/Georgetown/Charleston, SC to see Dad's parents and go to the beach, and if I know Mom and Dad, MORE running and biking.

Yesterday I had a great day outside sniffing all the wonderful smells of late Spring in Michigan. All of Mom's baskets of flowers are in bloom, although it still gets so cold at night she has to bring them in the garage. I love going outside and just enjoying the sun, or even just finding a sunny spot to nap in the house.
"Sorry about all the dead grass, Mom, but where else am I supposed to pee?"

Keeping Mom entertained with my famous "talking" (she thinks I am a drama queen):

Sniffin' the flowers:

As always, Emmy stays near by to watch out for me (I am so lucky to have a seeing eye person AND dog!)


Jerry G Dawg said...

Nova, it's great to hear how well you are doing. Heck, we always knew that whatever challenges you faced, you'd meet them with your easygoing charm and can-do, laid back attitude. We are hoppy to hear your kennel visit went well.

By the way, you look fabulous in your harness! Red is definitely your color.

Please tell your Mom to get better soon. We'll be thinking about her this weekend.

LiveWorkDream said...

Beautiful indeed.

Vicki T said...

Hiya Nova! It's good to hear you are doing so well and that Cliff was able to take care of you while your pawrents were away.

I have to agree with Jerry G Dawg that you do look fabulous in your red harness!

Again, we are wising the best for you and think it is really cool that you were able to find Mom's bedroom and jump up on the bed. That had to have made her so very happy to see you do that!

We look forward to your next update.

Love, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Mom (Vicki)