Saturday, December 6, 2008

Going to See Santa

Today Mom and I were feeling in the Christmas spirit, so she helped me into my cozy new fleece jacket and we headed into Fenton in the snow for the "Jinglefest". The big attraction for us Mom and me was that a Fenton-area vet was offering an opportunity for pets to get their pictures taken with Santa. How exciting!

This was my first big trip out since I became a Tripawd (other than my many, many trips to the vet), so it was lots of fun to get back in the business of being fawned over and petted by all sorts of people. It was a really snowy day, and as we slid down the streets of downtown Fenton, I heard Mom grumbling something about how she wished we qualified for handicapped parking (with me being a Tripawd and all). I think she was worried I would have trouble getting up the snow piled up along the curb.

Wouldn't you know, a spot opened up just 3 cars down from Santa's tent, so Mom swiped it in no time (I am pretty sure she was NOT supposed to do a u-turn like that.) We got out and I could tell Mom was tense and worried that I would slip on the slick roads. Nope! I just jumped out and hopped right to the sidewalk. I even scaled the piled up snow on the curb, piece of cake! I was going really fast, I really wanted to get to Santa. Across the street there was a big chili-cookoff going on in front of the Firehouse, and all these people were pointing at me and looking at me. On the short walk to the tent we got stopped 5 times by people who wanted to pet me and to find out where my leg went. I gave everyone all the snuggles they wanted, but I just wanted to get it done so I could go see Santa.

A local vet was offering pictures with Santa for a $10 donation to Leader Dog for the Blind. Plus, they will send Mom a disk of all the pictures they take, print out one nice one for Mom, and then let Mom take as many pictures as she wanted to with her own camera. What a good deal, Mom always loves to help Leader Dogs for the Blind. Everyone paid a ton of attention to me, and again, everyone was asking for details about my leg. I was definitely stopping traffic, cars were slowing down as they passed. Hey, I am used to getting gawked at, but it was as if these people had never seen a Tripawd before.

Mom spent a lot of time talking to people about amputations, cancer, etc. Then I saw a familiar face, it was Mrs. Skinner, one of the other moms from Cross Country who would always pet me at the meets. At first she didn't realize I was now a Tripawd, she reached over to pet me and I think was shocked to see I only had 3 legs. Last time she saw me in October, I had 4. Of course Mom had to tell her the whole dang story (it's getting old) which made Mrs. Skinner start to tell a story about HER dog that died last year. HEY, let's not talk about dying, okay, right now I am LIVING!

Santa was soon ready for me and it took a little time to get comfortable. There were lots of cords everywhere and I got my foot stuck in a few while I was trying to get close to Santa. Plus, I was nervous. It's always exciting to go see Santa, but when you get there, sometimes you get nervous, you know? Santa asked me to sit, and I looked at him like he was crazy. Mom explained to him that I really don't sit much, that I am kind of like a horse. I either stand up, or lay down. The nice lady taking pictures couldn't stop snuggling with me and saying nice things to me.

Santa was friendly too and I finally got comfortable enough to get up next to him. Mom kept jumping around like a crazy lady with her camera, along with the camera lady, ooohhhhhing and ahhhhing about how cute I was. Mom forgot to have me put on my reindeer antlers, but that was okay with me. I do like wearing them, so Mom said she would take more pictures of me with them on later closer to Christmas. She says I am the only dog she has ever had who will willingly keep on a pair of reindeer antlers.

"And what would YOU like for Christmas, young lady?" Santa said.

"Uhhhhhhhh...... I dunno.... I'm still thinking, Santa....."

Of course I was too nervous to remember what to ask Santa for, just like Ralphie in the Christmas Story movie. There wasn't really that much I could think of to ask for, since Mom always tells him all the good stuff to get me anyway. Plus, I already have the greatest gift I could have, and that is the gift to KEEP ON LIVIN'!

Everyone took a lot of closeups, but I asked Mom to zoom out and get one showing that I was a Tripawd. I wanted her to have picture to show other pawrents of Tripawds that we can still live it up and do all the same stuff we are used to doing:



Jerry G Dawg said...

Oh Nova, thank you for sharing this beautiful story about your visit with Santa. It brought back many memories for my Mom and Dad, as I was barely one month past my surgery on 11/24 when I went to see Santa too.

We hope Christmas and the coming year brings you all the joy and happiness in the world to you and your family. Many, many hugs going your way.

OKim1 said...


Vicki Tankersley said...

This truly is a wonderful story! What fun for you and Nova to be able to spend time with Santa and his helpers and then see all the nice people who wanted to pet you.

May you Holidays be merry and your Christmas bright! Good going, Nova!

Love, Vicki and the Kids