Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something Cute

I was just reorganizing my photo archives and I came across this picture of Nova as a puppy, just a week or two after we brought her home. What is special about this picture is that Nova still occasionally naps in this position as a 108-lb dog.

As a 15-lb puppy, its sooooo cute.

As a big goofy 108-lb Dane (135-lbs pre-amputation), it just looks hilarious.

She still sleeps on her back as a Tripawd, in these unique nap positions. For some reason I just haven't managed to get a picture. It is usually with the legs spread out and the tripod leg straight up in the air, like a mast on a ship or something.

Just a cheerful reminder that these furry kids are ALWAYS still puppies!


Vicki Tankersley said...

Awwww, those pictures are so cute! Thanks for letting us view them. Vicki & the kids

ihearthounds said...

Hi there Nova! We just wanted to hop on over and introduce ourselves. Little Dewey is also a tripod, but he's about 100 pounds smaller than you! We're glad you began blogging and we hope that you'll check out our site sometime soon.

Your Friends,
The Rebound Hounds
A Blog Devoted To Disabled Dogs