Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Fun

It's so hard to get Nova outside in the Winter to play, she is really much more like a house cat than a dog! During the other seasons she is plenty active (active for a couch potato Great Dane), but she doesn't do regular dog things like chase balls, retrieve sticks, and dig holes. When it comes to snow, I can just get her out for a quick pee, sniff, and a look around. This afternoon I got her to go out for awhile with Emmy in the falling snow. I want to try to keep her active so that when Spring rolls around she will be used to being active as a Tripawd.

The girls entertained themselves for awhile by barking and listening to the echo through the woods. Get a load of this mid-shake picture, the flapping jowls crack me up:

Emmy says "Come on, sissy, let's play!"

Once Emmy started getting the zoomies and running around the yard, Nova got a little intimidated and went back to stand on the patio. But she did get excited in the way dogs do, when they do that playful "downward dog". This is a beautifully executed Tripawd Downward Dog:

She is really good at the 3-legged downward dog, but it's creating quite the callous on her elbow. These are typical with giant breed dogs, but until she became a Tripawd, this pansy has lived the life of luxury napping on her cushy bed, her kid brother's bed, or on a leather sofa!
Emmy's 4-legged version is not quite as graceful, I think it is those spare tires around the middle:

Nova really wanted to play, but I think she was afraid of getting bowled over by Emmy. Isn't that incision healing beautifully?

Here is Emmy, right in the middle of a vicious case of the "zoomies", notice Nova taking cover behind the grill. When Emmy has the zoomies, we ALL take cover!

Oh no! Zoomie attack!

What a statuesque Tripawd! My girl should be a model!

"Okay, Mom, it's time to go back in and be a couch potato now":

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Jerry G Dawg said...

White is your color, Nova. You look radiant in the snow.