Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nova's Excellent Adventure - Friends and Family

Well, our adventure trip was coming to an end. The night before we left to come home, some friends of Aunt Margarets, Terry and Ruth McKinney, came over to pet me and Emmy. Mom had brought her camera to dinner and showed them pictures of all the amazing things a Tripawd could do. Grandfather Mountain, Linn Cove Viaduct, Mount Mitchell... they were all impressed and wanted to meet me.

The McKinney's are some of Aunt Margaret's mountain friends. They play mountain music for a living and had just gotten back from performing in Florida. They play regularly at the Orchard in the summer. They were very friendly, so I just went up and sat right on Ruth's lap:

And I gave Terry a bunch of sloppy Dane kisses.

Emmy was a little more discriminating, she growled at them a little at first. Sometimes Emmy is nervous about meeting new people:

They won her over after a few minutes!

I tried laying on the floor one last time to see if Lizzy would come up and hang out with me. Aunt Margaret wanted to get pictures of us together. But Lizzy was still too nervous. I hope she realizes someday what I big hunk of love I actually am.

The next morning Mom and Alex started to load up the car bright and early. Emmy and I thought that Mom's bed looked a VERY comfortable, so we stayed on there until we realized that everything was gone and they had started the car. We ran out to jump in, we didn't want Mom to forget us! It had been a great vacation and a wonderful place to stay, but we were ready to get home to see the rest of the family.

Once we got to Tennessee, we drove through some really big storms and heard that there had been tornadoes in the area. The rain didn't let up until around lunch, when Alex and Mom stopped for pizza. The didn't share the pizza with us, but Mom let me nap on the boxes, which made excellent chin rests.

When we got near Cincinnati, we stopped to visit Mom's cousin Katie and her sons, and their dog Reggie. Mom's Aunt Sue was their visiting from Cleveland so they had a little reunion and some nice conversation while us dogs had our own "conversation", a group sniff!

This was the first time the sun had come out all day, so we ran around in the yard together and played for awhile.

Sloppy Dane kisses for everyone! I sniffed the boys, Nathan and Alex -

I kissed Aunt Sue:

And I kissed Katie:

Reggie was shocked to meet such large women. He was used to being the big guy, so was a little intimidated by us at first. It was great to meet a new friend!

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