Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nova's Excellent Adventure - Mount Mitchell

Thursday was our last day in the mountains, so Mom was hoping for good weather and clear skies so we could go to Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain east of the Mississippi River. It was a 25-mile drive down the Parkway, so she was hoping it would be open. It was! We stopped at a few scenic overlooks on our way to Mount Mitchell. This one was at Three Knobs:

We finally got to Mount Mitchell, and it was a long, winding drive up the mountain. When we got to the parking area near the summit it was FREEZING cold. There was a giant snowball for Emmy and I to lick near an elevation sign, so Mom took more pictures:
Mom had read that the path to the summit was supposed to be "handicap accessible". The observation deck looked to be so far up, she almost decided not to try to go up. There was a lot of snow and ice too. Alex said that we should give it a try, and reminded Mom that reaching the top of the highest mountain in the East would be an awesome accomplishment for a Tripawd. It looked kind of scary up there:
But I knew if anyone could do it, I COULD!
So we started up the snowy, icy trail to the summit.
It was easy for me, although we were so high up, and the path was all uphill, so I was panting a lot.
I MADE IT TO THE SUMMIT OF MT. MITCHELL! Mom must have taken 100 pictures of me and kept hugging and kissing me. And the other people at the top were acting like I just did something REALLY amazing. So I was happy to give Mom a perfect photo by the sign at the summit:
I was so happy that Mom brought me on this trip that I gave her a big sloppy Dane kiss at the top of the mountain:

We even went up on the observation deck to look around. There were mountains as far as the eye could see:
I even met a few people up there, and they were all petting me and asking what happened to my leg:
It was cold, so we started back on the trail down to the car.
I was napping in no time!
Mom stopped at another overlook on our way back to take a picture of Mount Mitchell from afar. I had enough of pictures, so I decided to stay in the car.

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Jerry G Dawg said...

YAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Girlfriend, you make us so proud. What great photos! What a great day for Tripawds everywhere!