Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biopsy Day

(Written October 29, 2008)

Today was biopsy day, I took Nova in at 7:30 am to leave her for the biopsy, and picked her up in the late afternoon. When I came to get her she came out with her tail wagging at full speed, full of love and kisses. She has a cute little pink bandage covering the biopsy part, along with a bottle of Rimadyl for her bone pain. Of course they don't know anything yet, the results will take up to 7 business days. But the procedure went very well, excellent bloodwork, and she was VERY happy to get home this afternoon. Not groggy or anything. I gave her a nice bowl of her favorite soft dog food, called “Cowboy Cookout”. They have given me a couple names of some cancer specialists, but have advised that I wait for the biopsy results before seeing the specialist. I really don't want to wait, but I don't want to be negative and assume it is cancer.

I've read a bunch online and have come to the conclusion that it is probably 99% sure it is osteosarcoma. It is just way too common in giant breeds, and the location of the tumor is a very common location.

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