Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waiting Over the Weekend

(Written the Weekend of October 25-26th)

I told my favorite dog-loving friends about Nova. It is so nice to have understanding people to vent with when I am dealing with a dog-crisis. A lot of people just don't get it, and make you feel like you are going way overboard on your dog. My dog-loving aunt asked about Emmy (my other dane) and wondering why I always had updates on Nova, not Emmy. Awwww... Emmy has really ended up at the short end of the stick these days. People don't hear anything about Emmy because she is healthy and quiet! Poor girl, she always looks so lonely when I head out with Nova for another visit to the vet. I think she thinks Nova gets all these special car rides and she doesn't. If she only could understand. It's hard to, because Nova always thunders out to the van with her tongue flapping and tail wagging, like we are going to the dog park. Emmy is very different than Nova, snuggly but in a much more gentle way. Nova just butts her head in and gets in your face, or gives you the "butt". One of her nicknames is Butt HEAD, because she butts her big honkin' head into everyones business. She also "talks" a lot and her tail wags constantly. Emmy is more patient and quiet and gentle. The only health issue she has is she is fat, very barrel-shaped.

I probably won’t know anything more until late Wednesday. I am nervous about the biopsy. Nova never does very well with anesthesia, and I am also concerned that getting in there to take a sample could further weaken the bone. The last thing I want to happen is for her leg to suddenly break, which from what I have read is something that has happened. She is happy as ever, her tail even wags in her sleep. It is sad to look at her and know that while she may be with us for awhile longer it probably won’t be as long as I was hoping. Let’s just hope it’s a slow-growing tumor, or just an inflammation. I know it’s not realistic, but I can always hope! Both girls have been getting lots of extra hugs this weekend, that’s for sure.

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