Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Straight from the Tripawds Mouth

Well we just got home and I am so thrilled to have Nova home. We talked in the car and decided that Nova would help me out with this post. So anything you see in italics comes straight from the new "Tripawds" mouth.

Wow, what a long strange trip THAT was! Everything was so unexpected. When we went to Dr. O's office on Monday I saw that it made Mom cry, so I decided that I did not want to go back there. I didn't understand when Mom told me Monday night that we would be going back there the next day. Why would she want to go back to a place that made her sad like that? She kept telling me that Dr. O and the surgeon Dr. Walshaw were very smart people whose whole life was helping dogs like me. I trusted Mom, because I know she always comes through for me. But then why CRY about it? Sometimes I just don't understand people.

On Tuesday morning I was so excited to go for a ride. I had a feeling we were going back to that place because Mom kept touching my leg and crying. She even took my picture. I still hoped that maybe we were going to a cross country meet to see all my friends, but I knew in my heart that was probably not the case.

When we got to the clinic I started to get a little scared. I trust Mom, I really do, but I didn't understand why she would be so sad if what we were doing was supposed to be good for me. She kept telling me that Dr. Walshaw was going to make the pain in my leg go away. If you ask me, that sounded like a pretty good deal. It was just so darn confusing because she was so sad. I licked her tears off her face because I didn't want her to be sad (plus I LOVE the taste of tears, it reminds me of cross country meets when I would make rounds giving kisses to all the sweaty boys on the team).
Mom asked for Dr. Walshaw to come out and talk to her about the surgery. He seemed like a very friendly guy, and he had this very funny sounding voice that made me feel happy. It reminded me of the Geico Gecko on TV. Mom said he sounded that way because he was British. She also whispered in my ear that he was one of the leading oncologic surgeons in North America. Yeah, uh huh, whoo hoo, but is he going to make this awful pain in my leg go away? I wasn't so sure, so I made a run for the door a few times. The nice technician was so friendly she helped me change my mind. Mom looked at me (through tears) and said it was okay to go with the technician. So that's what I did.

In a short time they had me on a table and I was very comfortable and sleepy. Everyone was so friendly and I felt I could trust them. I kept Mom's words in my mind until I drifted off to sleep. A short time later (it seemed like that to me, but it really was much later in the day) I started to see those friendly faces again. They were all saying nice things to me. I felt very warm and cared for, but was so very tired. But I did notice one thing, and that was that the horrible pain in my leg was gone. Ahhhh.... Mom was right! Dr. Walshaw DID take that awful pain away. I wanted to give Dr. Walshaw a big slimy kiss, but I felt a little dizzy after the technician put some more medicine in my catheter. Time for a big long nap!

Early in the morning I woke up and was feeling a lot better. But I was so hungry. I knew that this was a friendly place, so they had to have some food around here. I really felt like a dish of my favorite Cowboy Cookout right now. But they didn't have Cowboy Cookout, so I settled for their canned food. Geesh, you'd think they'd have Cowboy Cookout in a place like this. The people there were very happy to see me eating. They were also all happy to see me sitting up. Everyone was looking at me, like they were expecting me to do something. I couldn't figure out why. I felt a little woozy and that's when I looked down and saw that Dr. Walshaw took more than just the pain in my leg away. He took the whole leg too! Well, whaddaya know! I now had 3 legs where there had once been 4. How interesting!

I really had to pee and the nice people started coming toward me like they were going to try to help me. Please. Like I need help going outside to pee. I may be kind of a doofus, but geeze, I can do this. So I got right up and walked outside. I think they were actually amazed. I don't know what the big deal was. Sure, it was a little strange to hop a little, but when you gotta go, you gotta go, you know? So I did what needed to be done.

I sure was ready to get out of there. All these people were nice but I really didn't know them all that well and I thought that if I stayed there much longer they might decide to take another leg. No way, Jose! I heard Dr. Walshaw talking to the technician, telling her to tell Mom that it was fine to come and take me home. What a relief! I knew the car ride was far, so it was hard to wait for Mom to get there.

I heard her voice when she came in and I couldn't stop my tail. It's always such a wonderful feeling when your people leave you some place and they come back! I was so happy. I could hear them telling Mom what to do with my medicine, and they were setting more appointments for the future. (I am really not too thrilled about coming back here). When I came out to see Mom I was so happy. And so was she! And this time she wasn't crying, she was just hugging me and petting me. Dr. Walshaw and some of the technicians rushed out to meet Mom and tell her what a terrific patient I was. They even made me a bumper sticker out of a bandage and put it on my back that said "#1 Great Dane". Everyone agreed that I was the most loveable Great Dane they had ever met. One technician told Mom that before she met me, she didn't even like Great Danes (yes, it's true, I know it's hard to believe), but that in one night I had won her heart.

Don't you love my #1 Great Dane sticker? (No surprise there)

Getting in the car was a piece of cake

Soon we were on our way and I went truckin' out to the car at full speed. When I got to the van I just jumped right in, no problem. The technician was so surprised and so was Mom. Once I got in the car though I was panting. Geeze, that was a lot of work! Why was I so tired? I guess my body is not used to moving around on 3 legs yet. Oh well, I'm sure I will have that mastered in no time. After a few minutes I decided that standing in the van was not going to be a good way to ride home. Usually I like to stand in the middle so I can see what Mom is doing. But when she would turn corners I would start to lose my balance. This made Mom very scared, and she begged me to lay down and rest.

Okay, Mom, can we go home already?

Relaxing on the car ride (are you SURE you are supposed to be taking pictures while you are driving, Mom?)

When we got home I saw my brother's car and got very excited. Mom opened the van door and I jumped right out and went right for the garage door. Mom's mouth was wide open, but I don't know what she was so surprised about. She was running behind me telling me to wait and let her help me up the stairs. Excuse me, Mom, what do you think I am, stupid? I went right up the 3 stairs into the house. Inside my people brothers Alex and Ben were there to greet me. And my Great Dane sissy Emmy was there too to give me a great big kiss. She sniffed around at my bandage and looked at where my leg used to be. Hey, Em, you got a problem with that? I felt a little self-conscious and thought about making a fat joke about her to ease the tension, but then decided not to. I was just too happy to be home!

"Let's make a deal, Em, you don't make 3-legged jokes, and I won't make fat jokes. Deal?"

First things first, though. I went straight for the back door to go out for a pee. Mom got all worried-like again (give it up, Mom, I can do this, okay?) about the step going out back. Come on Mom, it's ONE step. She acts like I'm a puppy or something. Geesh. I went out into my yard and took a big poop. That felt a little weird scrunching up my back with a IV catheter in it. Then I took a big long pee. Ahhhhhh..... that had to be the best pee ever. Mom stood there laughing that it took so long. Then I went inside and Mom gave me a big bowl of Cowboy Cookout. YUM! I was famished, so I gobbled it right up. Mom was making me a little crazy, she had the camera out and kept taking pictures of me. Geeze, Mom, what's the big deal? She kept following me around like I was famous or something. I know I'm good lookin' and all, but girls really don't like to have their pictures taken when they are feeling under the weather, you know?

WHY in the WORLD do you need a picture of THIS, Mom? (people are so strange sometimes)

Nothin' like a big dish of Cowboy Cookout, mmmmmmmm......!

"Check me out, I've got this Tripawd thing figured out already! Any you guys thought I was just a dumb blonde!"

Well, Mom just stuck a needle in my catheter and now I am feeling verrrryyyyy sleeeeeepppyy. I think I am just going to sprawl out here on my bed in the living room and head off to la-la land for awhile. Mmmmm...... it's so great to be back home........


Jerry Dawg said...

Nova, you are a rock star! Girl, you are a role model for humans everywhere. Keep it up. So glad to see you looking so happy and all cuddly, back at home. We're rootin' for ya!

P.S. Did you know our Tripawd Borzoi friend Radar is located in Cement City, MI? Is that town near you?

Suzy said...

I know I have driven through Cement City before, but can't remember where it's at. We will check out Radar's story... still reading all the great stuff on your site!

StormSong said...

Yayyy Nova!! You're off to a very good start on the healing road. Keep up the good work girl!

Calamity & my mom Janie