Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good News/Bad News

(Written on Thursday, November 6, 2008)

Well I got the word back today on Nova’s biopsy. There was no cancer detected… in the tiny samples that they took, that is. Dr. Kern is still concerned though, because there was no official diagnosis from the lab. They can’t diagnose if they can’t find anything, right? She was also concerned because based on the location and “look” of the tumor, and the breed, it is very likely osteosarcoma. There is always the chance that it is just a bone cyst, but that is pretty rare. (That is what I am hoping for, but I know it is wishful thinking). So the next step is to do a more invasive biopsy, where they put her totally under and take a large section of the tumor. That means a cut that is a few inches long, stitches, etc. Yuck.

I thought about it for awhile. I was so not wanting to put Nova through such an invasive biopsy, and I couldn't bear to wait again for results, when all the while cancer could be continuing to grow and spread. I made the decision to take her x-rays and test results over to a canine oncologist (Dr. Joyce Obradovich) an hour away in Canton next Monday for a 2nd opinion. It seemed to me that it made better sense to to get and experts advice on what the next step should be, before subjecting Nova to a very invasive biopsy. My concern is that her leg could break from all the cutting and such. I want to hear it from an expert, not just a regular vet. I guess my rationale is that I will feel a lot better having an expert do the second biopsy, if needed, and I want to hear her opinion. I hope that is the right choice.

Otherwise, Nova is still the same happy girl. She limps ever so slightly, and the lump is still there. But she seems healthy and happy so I have been letting her enjoy life to the fullest (although trying to keep her from running). Of course she is getting a lot of extra love these days from everyone in the family, and anyone else who has heard of her crisis. Every chance I get I take her leg in my hands and say a prayer over it. Sounds silly, but I don't know what else to do. Sometimes I talk to the tumor in silly rhymes "Evil tumor go away, we don't want you in Nova's leg". Of course no one knows I do this except me and Nova, and her tail always starts wagging like crazy when I do it.

I am so anxious to hear was Dr. Obradovich says about my big girl on Monday (we are going there at noon).

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