Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grieving a Little

(Written on October 31, 2008)

Well here it is Halloween, and I just now realized that it would be poor judgment for me to take Nova out trick-or-treating like I have for years. Dr. Kern said to avoid any unnecessary walking or rambunctious play. That is so hard with a wiggle-butt like Nova. I am so sad that I can't dress her up for Halloween. She has always been such a good sport about it. A few weeks ago I was on a quest for a turkey costume for her, and a peacock costume for Emmy. Then I got sidetracked with the lump, the biopsy and I stopped looking. I decided to just have them wear their costumes from last year (Nova was a princess, Emmy was an angel).

On Halloween night I decided to leave Nova home and dress up Emmy in the princess costume and head out. It didn't go very well, since Emmy does not like to walk as much as Nova. She especially doesn't like to go for walks without Nova. So I came back home and just sat and watched TV, drinking a glass of wine, and being sad.

Another thing I am grieving is that Nova might not be here next year for cross country season. She was kind of the unofficial team mascot and is a well-loved fixture at all the local summer trail runs at the park, and at my son Alex's cross country meets in the fall. I thought of my friend Tammy from cross country, and how sad she would be about Nova. Tammy has a mastiff named Annie, and she and Nova often pal up at meets. Both being big dogs, they always get tons of attention.

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